Division of Clinical Pharmacology 

Course in Clinical Pharmacology: GR-LSUD 8.3ClinPharm - ECTS Credits 2.5
Course administrator: Assistant Professor George Kolios
Duration: 1 Semester, 30 hours
Assessment:  Multiple choice
Aims: The study  of the actions of drugs in the treatment of diseases
Contents:  Evaluation of new drugs (design, clinical trials, statistical analysis).
Factors affecting drug action. Pharmacogenetics.
Monitoring pharmaceutical treatments, pharmacosurveilance, pharmacoeconomy.
Drug interactions. Side effects.
Compliance to treatment.
Therapeutic topics (Respiratory System, Blood, Gastrointestinal Tract, Endocrinology / Metabolic diseases, Cardiovascular System, Infections, Renal System, Nervous System, Connective tissue, Skin).
Immunosupresants - Chemotherapy.


Teaching: The course includes Lectures, Seminars, Laboratory sessions